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LDAA Project

LDAA in a few words

The Low-Density Atmosphere Aircraft is a study concerning the possibility to build a Martian exploration unmanned aircraft. Sending a flying object on the surface of Mars could extend the possibilities of the planet's surface imaging. It could provide us the ability to drop scientific exploration modules on several precise spots, widening the field of the Martian atmospheric and ground studies.


The Project has started ! Early thoughts

Écrit par Nicolas Clémencin. Posted in Progression of LDAA project

Today's a big day. We have really started working on the project : we tried to imagine what the drone could look like.

Keeping in mind that the Martian atmosphere is very thin, the aircraft will probably look like a weird glider. To have something to start with, we decided to choose a glider airfoil to make our wing. It will be a EPPLER 387 as on the following picture.

We also started modeling it under Catia, the CAD software that we'll use for this project.

A lot of modifications will surely be made soon when we will be going through the calculation process but it seems to be a good starting point.